Let's get started!

Please read these brief onboarding articles thoroughly prior to meeting Misty.

You now have (or soon will) a hand-built Misty I robot from the Misty Robotics team. When your robot arrives, go to Setting Up Misty to see some quick, out-of-box assembly steps and other helpful details.

Once you power Misty up, you can quickly control Misty via her companion app, Blockly, and the Misty API Explorer.

You can program Misty to do a range of activities, such as drive from one room to the next, issue sounds to speakers, recognize friends, and more. Misty's abilities are growing, and more will become available as they are developed by the Misty engineering team and by you, the Misty community.

If you're interested in a deeper dive, check out Misty's API, available via these interfaces:

More Help & Links:

  • help @ mistyrobotics.com
  • Misty Community forum
  • Misty GitHub repo
  • Misty Community Slack. When you're accepted into the Misty Developer Program, you receive an invitation to the Misty Community Slack channel. This channel serves as the first line of response for all issues and questions you may have with your robot. The support channel is monitored for immediate response (5-10 minutes) from 7:00am-10:00pm MST on weekdays and from 7:00am-7:00pm MST on weekends.