The following tools allow you to more easily interact with Misty, explore her APIs, and build skills.

  • The Misty App is the simplest way to get Misty onto your local Wi-Fi network and to test out driving Misty manually.
  • The Command Center provides a graphic UX that allows you to experiment with Misty’s API commands before you write any code.
  • The API Explorer provides interactive access to Misty's REST API. Use this tool to experiment with different commands and generate code samples to use in your skills.
  • The Misty Skill Runner web tool is a graphic interface for some of the skill-management actions that you would otherwise need to handle via a REST client.
  • The Misty Skills extension for Visual Studio Code provides auto-complete, tabbed parameter entry, and information about each method in Misty's on-robot JavaScript API. It also provides basic commands for uploading, running, and stopping skills on Misty from within the Visual Studio Code editor.
  • Blockly is a beginner-friendly coding tool for Misty that is ideal for kids and classroom use.

Note: At this time, we test and support the Command Center, API Explorer, Skill Runner, and Blockly in Chrome browsers on desktop and laptop computers. We do not test or support these tools on tablets or mobile devices.