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When you write code for Misty, you can quickly build skills that make use of the unique characteristics of an autonomous, roaming robot with personality.

What’s a skill? A skill is code you write to make Misty do something. When you write a skill, you:

  1. Take some of Misty’s sensory data (vision, audio, touch, distance, etc.).
  2. Process that data using Misty’s API or send it off to a cloud service.
  3. Have Misty do something in response:
    • drive to check out a sound
    • express amusement
    • take a video
    • or anything you like

At a high level, there are three approaches you can take when you write code for Misty:

  • You can write a skill using Misty's JavaScript SDK. You write code for Misty's on-robot JavaScript API and upload it to the robot. This code runs internally on Misty and can interact with external data, such as cloud calls and non-Misty API calls.
  • You can write a skill using Misty's .NET SDK (Beta). Skills you write with Misty's .NET SDK assemble into background tasks that run alongside Misty's own software on Windows IoT Core.
  • You can write a robot application using Misty's REST API & WebSocket connections. With this approach, your code runs on an external device (say, in desktop browser or on a Raspberry Pi) and not onboard the robot.