Powering Up & Down

We recommend powering up Misty on the floor, if possible, to avoid the risk of driving your robot off the edge of a table or other high surface. If you are experimenting with Misty on a table top, considering placing either a couple of books underneath her, between her wheels, or 3D printing this handy stand for Misty I and using that to keep her wheels safely raised.

Turning Misty On

  1. Flip the power switch on Misty’s back (located above and to the left of the power adaptor). power switch
  2. The light on Misty’s chest should come on, as should a blue LED connector light on the front-right side of Misty's head. blue light
  3. Misty's eyes should appear on screen, beginning in a closed state. The eyes gradually open more fully. closed eyes
  4. When the eyes appear fully open, Misty is done booting up. This should take a little more than a minute. Important! If after a few minutes, Misty's eyes still do not appear fully open, contact technical support for assistance. fully open eyes

Note: If you want to charge the robot while it’s turned on, you’ll need to first let the robot fully boot up, then plug the power adaptor into the robot’s back.

Restarting Misty

  1. If you need to restart Misty, turn off the power switch on Misty’s back.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Turn on the power switch on Misty's back again.
  4. Once you see the blue LED light and Misty's eyes fully re-open, you're ready.

Note: If Misty is charging during a restart, after she has fully restarted you must unplug the adaptor from the power port on her back, then plug it back in again for charging to continue.

Turning Misty Off

Just turn off the power switch on Misty’s back.

Note: There is no graceful shutdown at this time. When Misty’s battery gets below about 7 volts she abruptly powers down.

Note: At this time, critical updates of Misty's underlying operating system platforms (e.g. Windows IoT Core) may occur without warning. If you see an image of gears on Misty's screen, be aware that she is going through a system update.