Working with the API Explorer Code

You can use the code and examples in the API Explorer download package to help you build skills.

index.html & default.css

These files contain the user interface and styles for the Misty API Explorer.


This file defines the handlers for the index.html page events. Use SampleUI.js to see examples of all of the event listeners linked to the various buttons rendered in index.html. For example, Select a mood or Change LED.


This file builds the server URL based on the robot you're interacting with. It provides a wider and more user-friendly range of commands than MistyAPI.js.

SampleUI.js calls MistyRobot.js to processes user actions by sending commands through MistyAPI.js and MistyWebSocket.js.


This file is a one-to-one wrapper for most of Misty's API endpoints. It constructs payloads to pass to MistyAjax.js. You can call it directly once you have created a new MistyRobot by inputting the robot's IP address, port, and verbose level.


This file allows you to subscribe to and unsubscribe from Misty's WebSockets.


A simple wrapper for Ajax GET and POST requests, this file sends Ajax calls to Misty.