Misty Fast Facts

Your Misty I Developer Edition robot has been lovingly hand-built by the Misty team.

Some quick facts. She...

  • Is about 14” tall.
  • Has a 4K camera for face and object recognition.
  • Can listen with a 3x far-field microphone array.
  • Moves her head via a servo for pitch (up and down) articulation.
  • Includes a 4.3" LCD screen on the front of her head.
  • Uses an Occipital Structure Core depth sensor to navigate.
  • Has 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon processors: one running Windows 10 IoT Core and one running Android 7.
  • Uses real-time and motor controllers.
  • Avoids obstacles with 4 time-of-flight sensors (3 front, 1 rear).
  • Gets flashy with a multicolor LED behind her name plate in front
  • Is powered via a barrel connector charger jack in the back, as well as a 2200 milliamp hour lithium polymer battery (power adapter included).
  • Has USB and serial expansion ports for easy hardware expandability.

Misty in full with callouts