You now have (or soon will) a hand-built Misty I or early prototype Misty II robot from the Misty Robotics team. When your robot arrives, please read these docs for some quick, out-of-box assembly steps and other helpful details.

Once you get your robot powered up, you can quickly control Misty via her Companion App, Blockly, or the API Explorer. The real fun starts when you write your first skill for Misty; go here to get started coding Misty.

More Help & Links:

  • help @
  • Misty Community forum
  • Misty Code Samples
  • Misty Sample Skills
  • Misty Community Slack. When you're accepted into the Misty Developer Program, you receive an invitation to the Misty Community Slack channel. This channel serves as the first line of response for all issues and questions you may have with your robot. The support channel is monitored for immediate response (5-10 minutes) from 8am-9pm Mountain Time on weekdays and from 8am-6pm Mountain Time on weekends.