The following tools allow you to more easily interact with Misty, explore her APIs, and build skills.

  • The Misty App is the simplest way to get Misty onto your local Wi-Fi network and to test out driving Misty manually.
  • The Command Center provides a graphic UX that allows you to experiment with Misty’s API commands before you write any code.
  • The API Explorer provides interactive access to Misty's REST API. Use this tool to experiment with different commands and generate code samples to use in your skills.
  • The Misty Skills extension for Visual Studio Code provides auto-complete, tabbed parameter entry, and information about each method in Misty's on-robot JavaScript API. It also provides basic commands for uploading, running, and stopping skills on Misty from within the Visual Studio Code editor.
  • Blockly is a beginner-friendly coding tool for Misty that is ideal for kids and classroom use.